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Wildlife Photography

As a guide you sometimes have to take some calculated risks to ensure that clients get the best possible photo opportunities. One such time near Third Bridge in Moremi Game Reserve, there was a pride of Lions lying on the opposite side of water channel. We made the decision to cross the water and get as close as possible to the lions for the perfect photo. When entering the water, the nose of our vehicle dipped deeper than expected under the water. With a prayer in my heart, we safely made it to the lions and got the pictures that we so dearly wanted. Afterwards there was a lengthy discussion that if we got stuck in the water, who would have been prepared to take the winch cable out and tie it around the tree where the lions was, because it was the only tree around to anchor the cable.

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Schalk is the owner / tour operator at Allroundsafaris.
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    This is the type of life I love. Dare and win big. Love your job!

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