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Skeleton Coast, Namibia

Just outside of Henties Bay, at Jakkalzputz a very nice fishing spot, the place where I had my first saltwater fishing experience and my eldest son his first and only burying of the evening meal.  During that fishing expedition, I caught a nice Kabeljou, and as the custom is, to dig a shallow hole to bury the fish, and mark the place, so that it will stay fresh till the time of going back to the campsite at Henties Bay. I asked my four year old son to do it,  and you can imagine what happened,  yes he did not mark it well and we didn’t find it either.  That night we had a canned meat dinner, which was also very good.  Luckily, the next day we caught another kabeljou and had a very nice meal. Swakopmund will always remind me of all the wonderful sea holidays that we as a family had.

Swakopmund the Adventure Capital of Namibia.  Besides the wonderful fishing excursions we also had, the sand and Dune-Explorations mixed with fish finding, with our blue 4×4 vehicle, that will always be part of my on-going existence.  On one of these explorations, everything went smoothly during the drive until reaching a huge dune that I had to cross.  Not quickly enough, I changed to 4×4 Low, but it was too late.   We were stucked for about an hour and decide to go fishing before the big dig-out.  This calmed our spirit, while catching a couple of barbell, and soon we were ready for the dig-out excursion.  Luckily the tyre pressure was already reduced to a minimum, and it did not take us long to get out, and going on to the next sand dune. 

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