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The jewel of Africa
The jewel of Africa
The jewel of Africa
The jewel of Africa

Botswana is described by many as the jewel of Africa. A magical place where animals roam wild and sand tracks are just waiting to be explored in a 4×4.

An off-road adventure like no other, discovering an Africa of days gone by where elephants roam wild and watery masses welcome birds aplenty.

Botswana has a stable government, good mannered and friendly people and a great conservation policy that results in one of the world's best safari experiences. Through a variety of initiatives, Botswana aims to ensure the total free roaming of its wildlife with little physical barriers to stop natural migratory routes of their animals. This is where you can still experience the real Africa of days long past like so many early explorers enjoyed. In Botswana, the off-road 4x4 vehicle is the norm and sand tracks between Mopani and Acacia forests lend themselves to the spirit of exploration.

Sitting at night around a camp fire, gazing into the flames with the sound of hippos in the river, the bone chilling call of the jackal and the laugh of the hyena, a safari in Botswana gives you the feeling that you are part of the African bush. On your Botswana 4x4 safari you will enjoy the complete wildlife experience between herds of African elephant, Cape buffalo, zebra, blue wildebeest, impala and giraffe. You can also look forward to close encounters with predators like lion, hyena, leopard and jackal. The baboons and monkeys are sure to also pay regular visits to your campsite to do a bit of ‘shopping’.

Every visit to Botswana is a new adventure.

Botswana Safari Packages

Okavango 4×4 Safari

5 Days

Experience the vastness of the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans, the renowned Moremi and Chobe Wildlife Parks, where the Big Five can be seen at close quarters, bush camping, driving your own 4x4 exploration vehicle through the sand tracks of Botswana, ending the safari with a visit to the majestic Victoria Falls in Zambia.

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