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Valuable Suggestion For a Leaking Radiator on your Vehicle

While passing through deep water in the Moremi Game Reserve, the fan of the vehicle hit the radiator, causing a leak.  At Xakanaxa camp, we took the radiator out and patched the holes that we could reach.  Remembering what my father told me, in case of a radiator leak, I put curry powder into the radiator and this blocked all the smaller holes, and we could still travel another 1000 km on...
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Easy Pot Bread For Camping Dinners

As Tour Guides, we are responsible for Dinners in the bush.  Therefore we tried many recipes and this bread recipe we found to be one of the easiest and delicious.                                    There is nothing tastier than buttered warm Pot bread with the evening meal at the campfire. Here is our recipe. 1 Kg White Bread Flour 4 Cups of Luke warm water 2 Teaspoons of Salt 2 Teaspoons of...
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Looking at this photo, it reminds me of the wonderful campfires that we made in this exceptional wilderness areas of Botswana. There is nothing more comforting and spectacular than sitting next to a Mopani fire with the sounds of the African Wildlife that gives you chills down your spine!!!  We buy the Mopani wood from the local people that lives next to the road on way to Moremi Game Reserve.  
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Wildlife Photography

As a guide you sometimes have to take some calculated risks to ensure that clients get the best possible photo opportunities. One such time near Third Bridge in Moremi Game Reserve, there was a pride of Lions lying on the opposite side of water channel. We made the decision to cross the water and get as close as possible to the lions for the perfect photo. When entering the water, the nose of...
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Camping at Khwai River, Botswana

The camping at the Khwai River is exceptional in the way that you can experience the way of camping like the early explorers would have done. To camp under the huge Camel Thorn trees on the bank of the Khwai River offers the opportunity of undisturbed wildlife, coming to drink at the River, as this is the only water source in the dry season. The night sounds of the Elephant, Hippo, Hyena and...
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