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Trying To Make a Difference

We as Allroundsafaris, also partake in responsible Tourism and on our safaris we try to make a litle difference where help is needed.

Training of Johannes Likuwa Kasera as a Tour Guide

We met Johannes in Tsumeb in Namibia, while we were busy with the logistics of a Norwegian TV production. He was a Security guard for that time and would not have further employment after the production stopped. We decided to take him along on the Safaris as a helper. During this time that he was employed with us, we identified him as being able to become a Tour Guide.

After discussing this project with Inspiratour Foundation of Norway, they were kind enough to fund this training project. He is currently busy with his training at the Namibian Academy for Tourism & Hospitality.

During our travels through Southern Africa, and the fact that we visit areas off the normal Tourist routes, we came in contact with the local people where we saw that there is a need to do welfare and upliftment.

On every safari that we do, we try to do some good for the local people. It is one of the most rewarding projects that we have ever done. The biggest reward that you can experience is the smile on a child’s face and the thankfulness of those that is in need. Our project goes about bringing useful items, like clothing and school utensils to those that is living in areas that is far-off in the African bush.

We encourage our clients to partake in this venture, and we do feel that this is part of responsible Tourism.