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Camping at Khwai River, Botswana

The camping at the Khwai River is exceptional in the way that you can experience the way of camping like the early explorers would have done.

To camp under the huge Camel Thorn trees on the bank of the Khwai River offers the opportunity of undisturbed wildlife, coming to drink at the River, as this is the only water source in the dry season.

The night sounds of the Elephant, Hippo, Hyena and Lion send a shiver along your spine, and the close encounter with the Honey Badger that comes to the camp for shopping at night, makes this one of the places in Africa that gives you the wild experience of a lifetime.

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Schalk is the owner / tour operator at Allroundsafaris.
  1. Chrisma Reply

    Always a beautiful experience and privilage to stay at Kwai River Camp! Allroundsafaris the best!!

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