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Tailor-made specialist safaris off the beaten track
Tailor-made specialist safaris off the beaten track
Tailor-made specialist safaris off the beaten track

Allroundsafaris is a family-owned and operated safari business. Having 15 years of experience, we specialise in arranging self-drive and guided 4X4 safaris into areas where the normal tourist routes don’t reach.

This is your chance to visit hidden areas that only a select few have had the pleasure of seeing. Explore parts of Southern Africa that are only accessible by 4x4 and enjoy unique wildlife safari experiences.

What better way to enjoy a safari in Southern Africa than in a fully equipped 4x4 exploration vehicle that you yourself are driving? We are a family team that has designed specialised self-drive and guided 4x4 safaris that bring out the explorer in anyone. We enjoy planning adventures for our guests into the hidden parts of Southern Africa. These safaris are tailor-made to enable you to navigate some of the most scenic and unspoiled wilderness areas in Africa only accessible by 4x4 vehicle. When booking with AllRoundSafaris, you are sure to experience THE ROUTE LESS TRAVELLED!

At AllRoundSafaris we also partake in responsible tourism and try to make a difference where help is needed.

We have been responsible for the training and employing of local guides and on every safari that we do, we try to do some good for the local people. The biggest reward that you can experience is the smile on a child’s face and the thankfulness of those that is in need. Our projects include bringing useful items, like clothing and school utensils, to those that are living in areas far-off in the African bush. We encourage our clients to partake in this venture.