Personalised African Safaris
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In the last 9 years while traveling through Southern Africa, we saw that there was a need for and maybe a gap in the tourist market for specialized self-drive 4X4 safaris into areas where the normal tourist routes couldn’t reach.


These places were only destined for the person with his own exploration vehicle or the backpacker going on a budget overland safari. As you know, there wasn’t much to choose from. Until now!

This is your chance to visit some of the hidden areas that only a select crowd had the pleasure of seeing, places and sites that are only accessible by 4X4 exploration vehicle. What better than to explore these areas in a fully equipped 4x4 exploration vehicle that you yourself are driving. We are a family team that has designed specialized 4X4 safaris, safaris that we feel bring out the explorer in anyone. We enjoy what we do, and there for we would also like to give you that same feeling that we enjoy every time we embark on another adventure into the hidden parts of Southern Africa.