Personalised African Safaris
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Our experiences started in 1995 when we visited Zambia for the fist time, and fell in love with the country, the wildlife and its people.

Being a place where you can still experience the old Africa as the earlier explorers use to experience in the open wildlife areas where time stands still.
Even today there are only a few places where the African Elephant walk through town and all traffic must stop and give way to them. Having a meal at the Traditional Restaurant; what an experience!
We nowadays visit Zambia regularly, and still having the same feelings regarding this country!

The 3 Countries Safari

11 Days

Starting at the Awe inspiring Victoria Falls, where one can ‘take a ride’ on one of the best rafting rivers in the world or take to the sky, know why they call this ‘flight of the Angels’. Venture into the Great Kafue National Park, untamed and wild, with a great variety of animals like Elephants, lions and the large herds of Puku grazing on the stretched plains of Kafue. Hear the hippos and African Fish Eagle; make their call while you enjoy the sunset with a cold one in your hand.

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